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School Websites

School Hat

Kramtek Computing would like to invite schools who are interested in having a stylist and truly individualised website to contact us and allow us to assist. We understand that every school is unique and will work with you to ensure that your website accurately reflects the unique nature of your school, showcasing your strengths and achievements. We can develop an attractive, user-friendly and affordable website that schools can easily update themselves.  Although the Content Management System (CMS) that allows for these updates is very straight forward, we are also happy to provide ongoing e-mail or telephone support and training if necessary. If you would prefer we can regularly update your website for you.

So how much will it cost?

The initial build will cost $660.00, which includes the domain name, hosting and 24 hour support. On an annual basis there will be a charge of $330.00, to cover hosting, domain names and 24 hour support.

If later down the track you would like to add extra functionality to your website, we would be happy to negotiate a competititve price based on your specific needs and requirements.

So how do we get started...?

School Books
  1. Simply complete the enquiry form or contact us via phone.
  2. A web designer will then organise a telephone conference with you to discuss your needs and possible layouts or design before putting together a website proposal.
  3. Next your website will be developed and once you’re happy with its design we will walk you through it and ensure that you are familiar with how to use the administration system.
  4. Schools are then able to enter their content.
  5. Once you are completely satisfied with your new site, then we can ‘Go Live’ making it available to the outside world.

Things we need...?

  • your school crest
  • your school colours
  • your school's FTP User Name and Password
  • at least 10 photos that showcase your school
  • all contact details – address, phone number etc

It is also helpful if the features required have been considered. e.g.-

  • uploading documents such as the school newsletter and notes
  • uploading photos
  • an events calendar
  • links to other sites including Department of Education and Training
  • School Announcements etc.